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May 22, 2010

As it is in Heaven

If you're in the mood for a romantic tearjerker with fabulous music try this:

Can be watched via Netflix. As it is in Heaven is a Swedish-language film (with subtitles) about a famous symphonic conductor who suffers a heart attack, returns to his home town and reconnects with music. There are no special effects, and the plot line is very straightforward, but wonderfully executed.

Youtube link is to Gabriella's Song.
Lyrics [in english]

It is now that my life is mine
I’ve got this short time on earth
And my longing has brought me here
All I lacked and all I gained

And yet it’s the way that I chose
My trust was far beyond words
That has shown me a little bit
Of the heaven I’ve never found

I want to feel I’m alive
All my living days
I will live as I desire
I want to feel I’m alive
Knowing I was good enough

I have never lost who I was
I have only left it sleeping
Maybe I never had a choice
Just the will to stay alive

All I want is to be happy
Being who I am
To be strong and to be free
To see day arise from night

I am here and my life is only mine
And the heaven I thought was there
I’ll discover it there somewhere
I want to feel that I’ve lived my life!

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