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May 21, 2010

Dresser Reveal

My apologies for the lack of before pics. I was too excited to start!

In this project I used paint conditioner for the first time.
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It's a must for getting a really nice finish on your final product. I found that I had to give my project an extra coat, though. Floetrol is for latex paints, and Penetrol is the version for oil-based paints.
The dresser


Dresser, craigslist purchase, $65
Zinsser 123 primer, $15/gal [used less than 1 qt]
Olympic 15-year, base 2 in semigloss, $15/gal [used less than 1 qt]
Floetrol latex paint conditioner, $9.97/qt [used less than half]
Krylon ORB spray paint, $2.97/can [used ~ 1/4]
good paint brush, already had
sandpaper, 150 and  320 grit, already had

total cost: ~$79; refinishing cost: $14
not the cheapest, but definitely better than spending the same money for new furniture.

  1. Remove hardware, clean and set aside
  2. Sand all surfaces to be painted with 150 grit paper
  3. Wipe surfaces
  4. Prime, 2 coats
  5. Sand with 320 grit paper
  6. Paint with floetrol-diluted semigloss
  7. Repeat 5 & 6 to get the desired finish
  8. Spray hardware with ORB
  9. Reinstall hardware
Lessons learned:
  • Correct ratio (for me) was pretty close to the maximum that the Floetrol can indicates; this increased the number of coats for full coverage.
  • Floetrol increases drying time, plan on letting the paint dry/cure overnight
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