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May 20, 2010

Fan reveal

I am a frugal person. So, while I was not aesthetically pleased by my shiny brassy den fan, it works well. Plus a replacement of the same quality with an updated appearance would cost ~$150.

This is not my fan, but you get the idea
(image via

Enter Krylon Spray paint in Oil Rubbed Bronze (ORB)
(image via

Plus some leftover Minwax gel stain in red elm. 
(image via

Finished fan. That turned out nicely.

I didn't feel like taking the whole fixture down, hence the impromptu painting station. Sorry for the graininess - this is from my cell phone.

Project breakdown ~ 
        paint:      $2.97 + tax
        stain:       workshop freebie (use maybe 1/4 c)
        time:       hands on, 2-3 hrs [my fan was especially grimy]; including dry time, 24 hrs

  1. Turn off power at breaker before dismantling. This prevents grumbling when you interrupt others' gaming time unexpectedly.
  2. Label the fan blade and arm locations, so that reassembled fan is balanced.
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  1. What a great Idea I fliped mine around so the wicker didn't show and changed the blub surrounds but I didn't do this yet. I didn't want to take it

    Here is my fan change

  2. It looks great! I've been thinking about doing that in my guest room so I'm glad to see if worked well for you. Were you scared to spray in the room with it still hanging? That's what freaks me out!

  3. @ Lisa: I removed the fan blades, arms and motor cover, leaving the part that you can see in the last photo (the motor). This last part was quite small - maybe 10" in diameter?

    I felt pretty confident that the newspaper was sufficient, although I repositioned it several times as I moved around, and had a plastic liner to protect the carpet. Also, I felt comfortable with the spray mechanism Krylon uses after spraying all the parts, but every brand is different.

  4. Wow, it looks like a new beauty, my fan needs some work, thanks for the inspiration.