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May 19, 2010

I heart spray paint

Dear neighbors: 

I understand that in the last ten years, this house has been a revolving door of owners who didn't know better. They have not lived up to the social contract of the neighborhood when it comes to maintaining their home exterior. I understand that you were eager to see someone move in [me] that is willing to extend the effort to make house home and demonstrate pride of ownership. I understand that you may think that I have deep pockets, because I had the sump pump replaced so quickly.

But alas, this is not the case. The city paid >90% of that project through a grant. Plus I work 60+ hours per week.  So please stop asking me to invest extra time in making a border hedge look nice. Yes, it needs more work, but I already cut 1/3 of it down, and other parts of the home exterior take priority [painting, landscape grading].

And please forgive my spray painting of fixtures on the front lawn. I assure you, my paint may be tacky, but I am mostly frugal.

Sincerely, M

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