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May 27, 2010


As documented here, I am on a mission to be rid of all brass in my house.

Enter one brassy fireplace:

So what's a girl to do? I've been seeing on the blog-sphere here and here how wonderfully the Rustoleum high heat product works. I selected the paint-on application because I was worried about overspray.

(image via
When they say it's thin, think thiiiin. As in if I applied the coats lightly enough to prevent dripping, I could see the brass color. And it was shiny. Maybe I didn't stir the paint well enough. Maybe I got a bad can. I don't know.

Woe! The original brass could not be restored: I  had sanded it down as part of the prep. I was so upset I couldn't take any photos. Think shiny, lumpy, incomplete coverage.

(image via
and voila!

here's a close-up:

Note #1, the spray is a flatter, grey-er black than the commercial finish. I think with better prep (eg primer) the brush on application is better to touch up a fireplace that already has some black.

Note #2, the spray on comes in two versions: high gloss and the flat, above. Make sure you're getting what you want!

I am linking up to Domestically Speaking's Power of Paint Party


  1. Very nice. Love the new look of your fireplace.
    So, did you just paint the paneling, too? Or did you sheet rock over it?

    Love how this project turned out.

  2. This is an exterior wall, so it was already drywalled [behind the paneling] - all I had to do was pull it off, paint and add molding.

  3. Well done, the less brassy in the world, the better! Your fireplace looks SO much better!