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May 19, 2010

Time for bed

Today I did the following [in no particular order]:
  1. Asked the LDS missionaries to leave. Am now wondering what the purpose of LDS missionaries are: Is it to actually spread the Word and help others? Or is it to explore their own faith?
  2. Made a bunch of blog posts. Watch out for updates over the next week.
  3. Took pics of my updated den to send to mommy. Which initiated #2.
  4. Made my UOP posts [day 1 of participation]
  5. Watched 1 episode of Bones and 1 episode of House [fell asleep during House]
  6. Ate 1 slice pizza for breakfast, lean cuisine for dinner and nothing in between
  7. Drank 5 6 glasses of diet cola
  8. Watched a documentary about how society "handles" the mentally ill indigent
  9. installed qtpaint on mac. yay!
  10. laundry [1 load]
Things I want to do tomorrow
  • get my code into updated format
  • finalize presentation, JSM
  • register and pay for useR! stuff
  • sign up for JSM housing
  • start UOP presentation
  • Safe training
  • charge cell phone, call mom
  • submit fence request
  • email m
  • email d
  • email prof s
Things I have to do Thursday
  • go to stats workshop
  • download the necessary files

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