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June 4, 2010

diy FAIL

Yay!  I have a working kitchen faucet.

When going to repair this monstrosity:

I found myself in the unenviable position of not being able to completely remove the thing, and not being able to just put it back to the [sad] state it was before. I could blame the lack of clearance behind the sink bowl. Or incorrect tools. Or my short arms that left me with face full of pipe and still not there.

Oh who am I kidding.

kitchen faucet: 1                     me: 0

Last Wednesday, a nice plumber from Watson's plumbing came out and replaced the faucet. He had this handy extendable basin wrench that had a metal grippy [the one you buy at Blue has a plastic one]. And complained about the clearance.

So  now my sink looks like this:

It's a Delta Windermere model, carried at Blue in both chrome ($78) and brushed ($88). One quirk we immediately found was if both hot and cold are turned on full blast, the aerator restricts the flow and causes a vibrational feedback. We fixed this by simply backing off on the valves below the sink. The plumber was convinced if I had purchased a different (read: better, more expensive) model I wouldn't have this problem, but I'm okay with the fix.

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