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June 22, 2010


Ever since I felt the floor sway when doing jumping jacks to the 30 day shred, I've fallen off the exercise bandwagon. Sure, during TV time, I've been lying there on the living room floor doing pushups or sit-ups or using the handweights for bicep curls and tricep dips. But, as we all know, cardio is important too.

So today I schlepped my laptop down to the basement and spent 40+ min on the stationary bicycle. Actually I watched 1 episode of Hell's Kitchen. According to the display, I burned over 300 kcal and rode 13+ miles. Woohoo! I kept the resistance at the highest I could maintain a 20mph pace at during the episode part, and increased it for commercials (intervals).

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This is T's stationary bike, and when I was still running, I used to tease him about it. But it actually works pretty well. It's about 3 years old, and has moved cross country once after shipping. The only really obvious wear is that the seat wobbles just a smidge. Mostly this is noticeable when you're starting up or dismounting. Two peeve about the design: (1) the pedals are situated so that you push forward, not down, which takes a minute to get used to and (2) the handlebars are not adjustable.

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