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June 23, 2010


This is my very first pillowcase 

I made it from scraps of the curtains I hemmed. There are three pieces on the front. Obviously you can see the vertical seam on the right. There is another one in the horizontal direction just above the second ridge from the top.

I got so excited, when I had some leftover trim from another set of curtains, I made another pillowcase:

In this one the construction is a little different. Each "stripe" is a single piece of fabric. I also didn't have enough curtain fabric to cover then entire pillow, so I used leftover from another project. Here is the back:

And what's inside?

Yep, a $5.99 walmart pillow. Please ignore the speck of sock-lint on my carpet.

Not to shabby for someone without a sewing machine, right?

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