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June 17, 2010

Updated chandy

How many of you have one of these guys? Mine is the el-cheapo model, which meant the brass coating was already wearing off. I'm not really sure how something hanging in mid air can wear off, but anyways.

Enter my friend, ORB:

Plus some cute lampshades:


I still need to make a cord cover for the chain part, but otherwise - lookin' good!

Cost breakdown:

ORB paint: free, leftover from previous projects ($ 2.97 at Wally World)
lampshades: 5 @ $4 each
material for cord cover [future work]: free, leftover from previous projects

Total cost: <$25 including tax. A completely brand new chandy would cost ~$75-125 and the shades can be transferred if we ever have to replace this one.

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  1. What a great makeover! Just curious, did you use a primer first?

  2. No primer. The only place where adhesion wasn't perfect is the chain. I figure that there was probably more friction from me rehanging the fixture than from normal wear. Although if you clean by scrubbing, I'd recommend a protective clear coat layer.