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June 8, 2010

What a sweetie

So when I wrote about my desire for a clean house what I neglected to mention was the complete meltdown I had the night before.

I was totally stressed after trying [with only mediocre success] to write a paper, for a class that I need to get an A in, tackling some ambitious projects around the house, and preparing for a meeting the following day.  Plus, w/T out of town, the combination of a solitary work environment and limited time/energy for anything else is seriously depressing.

Anyways this cumulated in a meltdown over skype the other night. Starting with a rant and ending in tears. Tears!

So today this comes in the mail:

Yup. He's a keeper. Thanks, Sweetie!!!!

FYI - the flowers came with a $15 gift card - basically, free delivery!

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  1. Pretty pretty!


    p.s. I don't even LIKE avocado. I'm telling you! It's SO GOOD!