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July 8, 2010

Happy Fourth

It just so happened I was in Seattle for a workshop just before the fourth. And I thought, since work is footing the bill for travel, the least I could do is spend some time with family. Yay! My flight home was on the fourth, so no fireworks =/ But here are some roadtripping and beach pics:


Leaving WA, the weather was cruddy. Here we are (I think?) driving thru Olympia. Even from the interstate, the view was pretty nice. Look at all those evergreens!

By the time we headed into OR, the rain had stopped. Do I see water? This was after about 2 1/2 hours of driving.

See? the sign says we're almost in OR


Haystack Rock, Cannon Beach OR

I'm really lucky that we have family who own vacation property in the area. A motel room will cost ~$250 during peak season. Instead we stayed at the cabin - just 7 of us and one bathroom! All I had to do was make breakfast (no cleanup) and wash dishes after one meal (so that the cooks didn't). 

More beachyness. I just love walking the beach early in the morning! Just look at the mist coming off the ocean. This was ~730A; my second trip of the day ^_^

Here are the million-dollar homes along the beach. Not only a gorgeous view, but beautiful inside as well! Some of these are actually fractional ownership. I think $200K gets you 4 weeks?? 

Sigh, why do I live so far from the ocean....

... mountains, and trees?

Can't you imagine taking a nice long run on the beach, then soaking your feet here?

Happy Fourth of July!

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