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August 6, 2010

Food project [and new page]

Have y'all heard of use real butter (urb)? Totally amazing food and photography blog from Jen (who has a PhD! in science!). I want to be Jen when I grow up. Well, with the minor subs of home renos for skiing; WA for CO.... and all the lovely idiosyncrasies that make me me.

Anyways, my foodie habits have never been very focused, so I thought it would be nice to work my way thru a set of recipes. The dedicated cook would select a benchmark cooking technique book, so that subsequent recipes would build on skills acquired prepping earlier options. However, I have myself and a hungry bf to feed combined with a meager food budget. So I chose Jen's recipe index as my workbook.

Ground Rules: make 2 recipes per month, no repeats. drink recipes may be omitted.

  • 2 down, hundreds to go
  • Initially, I thought I'd have a screenshot of the recipe list and cross 'em off over time. Two problems: (1) the screenshot wouldn't include the latest recipes (2) I'd technically be reproducing copyrighted work. Bad, bad karma
  • How this is going down: For each recipe I try, there will be an addition to the project-urb page, in the style of Jen's recipe index - but with my own pics. Just for clarification, I am not swiping any code from the urb site [we're talking a simple 3 column list, people]

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  1. I'm terrible at making recipes - I will buy the ingredients and then never use them because I just don't make the time. I also hate failure, which happens quite often when I cook. Boo!

    BTW - for our gas/electric meters, I simply sprayed them with metal primer and used Glidden exterior flat paint in a shade that matched our brick (with a brush). It still looks great a year later, so I'm pretty confident it will last.