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August 1, 2010

Guess where? **answers**

To recap, the game is Guess Where? ala Waldo

Your hints:




Las Vegas!!!

This was my second work-related trip in July, and as the first pic suggests, there was a 5 hr delay getting in. Grrr. The reason? I missed my connection (in Minneapolis) due to:
  • a takeoff delay after a bird flew in the engine. FAA regs require extended inspections after such an event, which I'm totally okay with]
  • there was no agent at the gate in Minneapolis to open the jetway. Huh? Literally, it took ~30 min to get an agent.
So I ended up missing the connection by about 10 minutes. And, the best part is (after standing in line for what, 45 min?) - that the Delta rep accused suggested that I could have made the connection b/c their metrics showed that even with the 1st delay that I could have made it. Right. Because they don't track when doors open, just when the plane gets to the door.

Anyways, more pics tomorrow! yay!

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