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August 3, 2010

The next trip - Part one

So I actually spent 3 weeks in July traveling for work. Yikes! My last trip was just outside D.C., and as expected, connection FAIL.

Here's my lovely plane. Note that no passengers are boarding because, well, we did board. And then there was a problem with the wing flaps not working right. And I am totally OK with not flying on a plane that has problems getting the wings to flap. But it did mean that I got to my lodgings at 1 AM instead of 5 PM. With a presentation to an international audience at 3 PM that day. Eeep! Could have totally been worse.

I made arrangements to fly out Sat evening (the conference ended Fri) to do some sight seeing in D.C. Friday night I caught the last half hour at the Natural History Museum

After getting my bags searched, I was greeted by:

What a friendly guy! Scale is not really obvious here, but he's about 6' long.

I always think it's interesting to learn about how (and why) the people behind the scenes practice their craft. Here's the fossil room:

I really liked the models of various animals:

And of course the architecture is amazing

Afterwards, a bunch of us from the conference met for Ethiopian food on the south end of Georgetown. Totally delish!

This pic was taken at the restaurant we ate, although not by me.

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