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August 2, 2010

Vegas Photos

As far as a Vegas trip is concerned, mine was pretty tame. M-Thurs there were presentations, tutorials, networking events, etc 8a - 9p. And then I flew out Friday morning pretty early. So no shows, and with my per diem, not really much good food.

So it turns out, that as big as the casinos are, they're not big enough. Seriously. There are several companies that own multiple properties on the strip, and resorts that have the same owner are connected by air conditioned trams. The stations may or may not be air-conditioned, but with trams running every 3-4 mins, it's better even than walking across the street.

Tip: even if your destination is not on the route, use the [free] trams to minimize walking outdoors.

During the week I was there, temps were ~115F during the day and stayed in the upper 90s until 10p, so my wanderings are limited to the resorts accessible from the Monte Carlo: Aria, CityCenter, Bellagio and Vdara.

Here's another view of the City Center shopping complex [top photo looks left of this]. Seriously, it's like only the good stores: Tiffany's, Louis Vitton... you get the idea. For people who really like the Vegas lifestyle, residential condos are available adjoining this area.

Remember this shot?

Part of this awesome Dale Chihuly installation in the foyer at Bellagio. Better pics can be found here.

Here's some more decorations. These can be found at multiple locations in the shopping promenade, again at the Bellagio.

Also at Bellagio is a garden with fantastic decorations. Right now the theme is ants.

The insects and mushrooms are sculptures, but all the greenery is alive.

Beautiful succulents!

Here's an ant transporting an egg

I also liked this quartz sculpture, which lit up at night:

What's this?

Ah, yes, the world's largest chocolate fountain


Totally amazing ahi salad. In addition to a nice greens mix, with various tomatoes and olives: watermelon. Unexpected and oh so tasty. I am making it a point to include more fruit in my salads.

some parting shots from my hotel room

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