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March 23, 2011

Desperately seeking ....

well, not Susan. Okay, weak joke.

Daily, I read blogs. Sometimes I'm in awe. Other times the reaction is 'nice, but not for me'. But overall, I'm impressed. I'd like to be one of those bloggers that inspire on a daily basis, but between life and my sheer laziness..... 'nuff said. Anyways, the below are proof that I'm here, plugging away, and seeking approval for a job (semi-) well-done.

Some pics to capture the past few weeks months (lo quality, from the phone)

My attempt at a gingerbread house that looks like the real thing. I didn't know what to do about the front stoop, though.

omg. these poor bushes were soooo overgrown.

nom nom Chinese New Year!

nom. nom.


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  1. Love the paperwhites. We had some this year, too. The first time I remembered to plant them in time. ;)