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September 9, 2011

How to remote into a windows environment from Linux

Our department offers remote desktop to access special software that is to expensive for me to buy. Like SAS, which has a $10K site license. Gah! I'm a poor grad student. Of course I am willing to suffer to remote desktop for free access.

IT offers some very nice instructions for Mac and Windows users. However, if you're a Linux user, SOL.
" If you are using a Linux you don't need any help from me "
Seriously? I use Linux 'cause I'm cheap. and stubborn. and willing to DIY. Not because all information is already stuffed into my brain cells. hrmph.

Here's what to do:

  1. know the address of the target windows server. duh!
  2. install rdesktop
    • open a terminal window
    • type: sudo apt-get install rdesktop
    • you will be prompted for your admin password.
  3. connect
    • type: rdesktop

I guess that was easy.

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