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November 1, 2011


Aka "how to wake up quickly on a cold fall morning"

1. Buy a dozen apples when they're on sale for $0.88/lb. think "applesauce is good with pork chops"

2. Peel, quarter and slice apples. This should fill capacity of a 4 qt ss saucepan.

3. Cover and cool on low with a cinnamon stick. (optional: stir occasionally)

4. Go about your evening. Pass out candy to trick-or-treaters. Watch a movie w/ the bf. check email and fb.

5. Go to bed.

6. Lie in bed at 6am, after the alarm has gone off, thinking about what to do for the day.

7. Realize the apple sauce is still cooking. Yell "oh sh*%" repeatedly as you race to the kitchen. Phew, not only is the kitchen okay, but the applesauce is yummy. Turn off the stove, and spoon applesauce into storage containers.

My speculation is that we avoided major disaster because the lid was very tight fitting *and* the "simmer burner" is low output. When I pulled the applesauce off, it's temp was actually lower than what I would expect in a crock-pot and the apples had caramelized beautifully (this "recipe" contains no sugar). After 12 hours of cooking, this was a pretty loose applesauce.

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