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February 10, 2012

cleaning my office

gulp! I cannot believe that I'm posting a pic (for all the world to see!) of my office in this state. However, being able to take pics after? Gooooood motivator.

So here's the before. see what three years of not having in office system does?

And just to keep things truly real, the view behind my desk:

Please ignore the green walls - that's a home improvement project that is waiting for another day (month, year, whenever-i-get-to-it). I find that when I'm insomniac-ing, the green brighten ups the space well, but egads it is definitely not my cup of tea. What these photos hide so well is the absolute and utterly shoddy workmanship that was invested in the last paint job(s). Drips on the baseboard. Unpatched holes. ick.

The goal at this stage is to simply get things into a functional state. As mentioned, at some later date I'll give it the whole diy treatment, but right now there are three other areas in the house that are in-progress. So, like the cobbler's children, I'll wait.


Here's what I did:
  1. Toss out all the garbage - including "scratch paper". I know that over the next few days, I'll be grumbling that I can't find paper for quick notes, but it's important to get a fresh start.
  2. Move stuff that doesn't belong in this room out! Here's a sampling of what I found:
    • easter decor
    • first aid supplies
    • clothes (technically, this room does have a closet...)
    • CDs, car CD organizer
    • wood shims
    • cleaning products
    • loose change
  3. Find a place for stuff that needs to reside in my office. This included improving where/how stuff that wasn't finding its way home should be stored. Things that fit into this category:
    • owner's manuals
    • old financial statements (keep/toss/shred??)
    • articles for my to-read pile
    • current paperwork - I divided this into two categories: financial and academic
    • stationary - envelopes, thank-you cards
  4. Rediscover the systems that I like:
    • a bin for electronic bits, like extra earbuds and chargers
    • a folder for home design choices 
    • gift shelf
  5. Clean: dust and wipe down. 'nuff said
  6. Reconfigure
    • I found a cable that let me use dual monitors with my mac, so now the one that was previously assigned to the PC (and rarely used) is usable vertical real estate
    • Having the little folder system & trash can behind the desk made it feel cramped, so now those items have been dispatched to other parts of the room.
    • Please don't judge my art placement - I just used the hooks that were already there. Hat tip to anyone who knows what the poster is from...


  1. Nice "afters"! I would love to see those photos even bigger. It must feel so great to start with a clean palette!

    1. Tanya - the full size pics are available by clicking thru. I always struggle with sizing on blogger - what if people are viewing from a laptop? yada yada