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February 11, 2012

Front door love

That title sounded way cooler that this post warrants. A more accurate title would be: "How many unfinished things are in this picture?"

Last year I painted the front door black. No, I do not have a before pic. It was a chalky white that collected dust in every crevice. And who paints a front door with flat paint?? Basically it was grody and I couldn't get it clean. Since the shutters are black, I thought it would be dramatic to paint the front door to match. (well actually I wanted red, but it would have clashed with the brick).  Have you ever painted anything black? I knew it would take a few coats, but .... I'm not sure if I was doing something wrong or what. Two coats of grey-tint primer and 3 coats of valspar paint later ...

In hindsight I think the problem was using valspar. I should have stuck with Rustoleum. The valspar stuff took forever to cure and isn't black-black as I would like it. ("black magic" if anyone is wondering)

We also installed a Pella storm door. I *heart* this storm door. The wide expanse of glass unmarred by a horizontal divider, the fact that the handle is on the same side as the main door handle, the sturdy closers that are unfazed by gusts of wind, the nifty little button on the bottom that lets me lock the door in open with my foot.... swoon!! The solidity of this door is well worth the upgrade in cost (I say this after a year of use). Let me put it this way - the "structural integrity" of a $100 door is in the glass insert. This door (approx $215) is sturdy even without the insert.

Let's look at that bad boy again:

Finally, decorations. I have a very very tight budget, an aversion to clutter and little sense of "staging" or "decor" (don't ask about the teasing I used to get working in retail). This wreath gets used for all seasons, and I have no desire to de/re-construct it four times a year. Hence the ribbon. This year I added a knitted strip (too short for a scarf) for some extra texture. tada!

I did take the wreath down during the week of Halloween to put up a spiderweb. The purple looked great inside (with the wood finish), but for the outside I think orange would be better. Maybe next year I can use twinned strands of orange and purple?

Bonus round #1 - the unfinished business
  • threshold and jamb need (re)painting
  • touchup paint around door knob
  • remove excess paint on (wood door) glass (from previous owner's paint job, thank-you-very-much)
  • weave in end of yarn on scarf

Bonus round #2 - stuff I haven't even started that is in/near this pic
  • replace house numbers with something that is readable from street.
  • replace/refinish porch light.
  • seal/paint concrete floor.
  • come up with better seating. maybe an adriondack chair?

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  1. I love the black door! We have done absolutely nothing to the exterior of our house, though we do have new house numbers to replace the dated brass ones that are currently there. I would LOVE to paint our door black (or, really, to replace it, since it has kind of a silly etched glass inlay), and yours makes such a good case for why we should. :-) Great tip on the storm door, too.

  2. Your new Pella storm door looks fabulous with your black door! I'm so glad to hear that you're pleased with its features and durability. I love your year-round seasonal wreath decoration too! We'd love for you to share photos of your finished project on the Pella Windows and Doors Facebook page: Best of luck with the rest of your home improvements. We can't wait to see what you do next.

    Hillary B., Pella Community Manager

  3. Love the front entrance-I'm your newest follower-stop by for a visit!!

  4. Your new black door is very elegant and chic! Love it! I'll be having a new vintage wood front door (brought home from a flea market) installed this spring along with a new storm door. Love having that big window in the storm door so you can see the pretty lines of the front door. Great job! :)

    xoxo laurie