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March 30, 2012

How I do stir fry

As much as I like cooking, daily meals tend to fall into the fast & quick category. I'm not above ordering a pizza on occasion. This year, T & I are trying to eat less processed, be frugal, etc. Stir-fries are an amazing dish for this  eating style: marinating meat allows us to use the cheaper cuts, and we buy whatever veg that is in season. One problem that does crop up is the fact that with only two people in our household, it can be hard to take advantage of bulk purchasing. Even a "small" tray of chicken breast meat is enough for four nights!

My solution is to slice up and marinate the meat immediately upon arrival home. The marinating occurs in the freezer.

Cut up meat, minced garlic and minced ginger all portioned out!

after adding soy, vinegar, and hoisin (top) and cornstarch (bottom)

I just pull one freezer container out when getting my morning yogurt and in the evening saute with whatever veg we have in the bin.


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