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February 17, 2012

recipe review: asian lettuce cups

We had these asian lettuce cups for CNY dinner as a "healthy" choice. Well, that and spreading treats out over the entire two-week period instead of a gigantic calorie-fest.

This recipe gets multiple thumbs up by being easy/quick, tasty and relatively healthy. I think the fact that it's very crunchy and you get to eat with your hands also makes it satisfying - your body gets time to process the fact that you've been chewing.

The original recipe calls for bibb lettuce, but here in the midwest, we get leaf, romaine and iceberg. I went  asian-y and got the iceberg (which has no nutritional value). The only tweak I made was to sub ground pork (ground chicken or turkey is $6/lb!!). Besides a cost savings, I think pork adds a bit of flavor. Check out the original recipe at Steamy Kitchen.

I'm looking forward for the next time these show up on our menu plan, and I'm really excited for the Farmer's Market to start up again to try it with real lettuce. Yum!

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