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March 29, 2012

30-while-30: 2 month update

Okay, this post was supposed to go out on Tuesday (the closest Tuesday to the 26th of the month, in case anyone is wondering). But I got sidetracked by a monsterous case of poison ivy. I'll spare you gory details; let's just say I now know what the words "Urticaria" and "plaques" mean in a medical context.

And for all of you employed folks, let me just say that while I really really appreciate the cheapness of student insurance when it comes to well-care checkups, I also really really can't stand the fact that my insurance doesn't cover urgent care visits in town on the one day of the week that the student health center is closed. Or the reduced coverage for visiting out-of-network practitioners when I'm traveling out of state for university business. Or the zero pharmacy coverage off-campus (did I mention that I returned home on the one day the university center was closed?). Which means my 3-day wait to see a practitioner was only partially successful at reducing out-of-pocket costs. But do let me sing the praises of a chemical cocktail that involves oral steroids, antihistimines and topical hydrocortizone.

I am quite pleased to avoid the moniker "that itchy rashy girl at the conference" thank-you-very-much.

Health and Happiness

Exercise 3x/week regularly
     Because of the allergies and traveling and gardening, I haven't been as good lately. I'm okay with gardening as a substitute for regular exercise (my approach seems to be of the more active sort), but sleeping itchiness off isn't very useful. I did get two days at the hotel fitness center (2 miles on elliptical plus 15 min of pilates each time).

Run a 5K
     See above for my whiny reason for not making progress towards the 5K. I'm pretty sure I won't make the April run I chose last month. Before taking the training break, I had worked thru week 3 of the NHS C25K podcast program on an indoor track. What I really need to do is transition to outdoor running and get a good feel for what the ratio of indoor miles:outdoor miles is in order to exert the same effort.

Blog regularly

This is one area I feel like I'm making progress in, if the blogger stats and lovely comments I'm getting are an indicator. With practice, I hope this will continue to improve. I did notice that on one post I got 110 views with only two comments. I'm hoping this means that I have more than the 5 readers that blogger tracks!

Lose 30#

     Again due to life, I'm not making progress as fast as I'd like. There was a wonderful comment on a blog (I forget the source) that giving up on trying to follow an eating plan for the rest of the day b/c of initial "cheating" (I ate those chips earlier, might as well eat ice cream now) is akin to dropping your cell, seeing a crack on the screen and proceed to smash it to smithereens. Not wise or helpful. Must keep this analogy in mind.

I have been hovering steadily at -14 from my original start weight, so all is not lost. Just need to get moving more.

Learn to use my dSLR
     I figured out how to use custom white balance! Awesome! (please wait to work thru delayed posts to see any actual evidence). I'm using the course from Two Peas in a Bucket via Twenty-Six To Life

Do two social activities a week
    I really haven't found a good substitute for confirmation class since it ended. And since I've been replacing my weekend group exercise with [solitary] gardening, this is an area I've completely fallen behind in. What I'd really like to do is be organized for my Monday meetings that I don't need the hour right before for prep, then I can go to the group ex class during the week (reducing trips to campus) and reorganize how I'm spending time at church on Sunday mornings.

I'm really committed to several big projects - internship, academics, home improvement which are pretty solitary in nature - which is a big obstacle in this goal. I'm not sure if this perspective means that I am looking at "social" in the wrong light or if I just need to build the confidence/skills to make my "work" less stressful...

Visit another country

    This one is still in the planning stages. But budget is set/saved. Wahoo!

Make 2 quilts
    Still hand-quilting #1. #2 is totally planned, in my head (and uses far more machine sewing)

Talk to Mom daily
    I really put this on my list because my mom is in that in-between stage of being both unemployed (thanks economy!) and newly graduated. So I didn't want her to get too lonely without a regular routine of expected interaction. Guess what? My mom is perfectly happy in solitary company. For days at a time. I still text/email/call daily. At least she knows I'm available for chats!

Go to a concert
    The summer free concerts start up around here in June. Can't wait! (Is anyone else jonesing for farmer's markets? The ones in my city don't open until May, boo-hoo.)

Okay there are two more sections. But this is a really long post of words already.  I'll leave the academic and house updates for another post.

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