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March 3, 2012

Guest Bedroom Reveal


The upstairs guest bedroom is a pretty small space and gets lots of morning light especially in the summer (those windows are east-facing). Its major redeeming quality are the hardwood floors.  For reference, the door in the first and second pics are the same one - access to a tiny walk-in closet.
One drawback:  that ceiling fan. See how there's a dangly stem above the motor housing and big ole' lights below? Now, don't get me wrong - a ceiling fan in a second-story room on a hot summer night? Brilliant. But this one I could easily reach without stretching (I'm 5'2"), and it made a short room feel entirely claustrophobic. As in,  'when are those flowery frosted glass thingies going to fall on my head'   scary. 

And by the way, that closet? one little teensy 12" shelf.  Folks, this is a 40+ year old house! How can you live without either closet rods or shelves?


Knowing that my budget was smaller than the room, my goals were two-fold. First to make the room seem livable - enough space and storage for all that people normally want in a bedroom, some way to control heat/light. Second to showcase that beautiful floor, since nothing else I could add would compete in quality.

Wall color: April Sky in Olympic Flat (this is a really light color that works well because my house has short walls and small windows. With newer construction I would go 1-2 shades darker on the paint swatch)
Trim color: Olympic semi-gloss base 2 with floetrol
Light fixture: Krylon ORB and Valspar frosted glass
Heat registers: Kilz Primer and Rustoleum semi-gloss white
Closet rods: Minwax


I'm not a huge fan of boob lights, but I am cheap. This one was originally residing in the hall, and after a few coats of orb on the metal bits and frosted glass spray paint on the dome (see more here), it looks pretty good for free!

The width of this closet  - less than 4' - meant that doubling the shelving/closet rods was an absolute must to increasing capacity (each one holds a mens XL fleece jacket with plenty of clearance). However because this closet is pretty much a square, there was space to add hooks along the right and left for longer items.

What I did / cost breakdown:

  1. Removed the surface wiring system (there were already four outlets in this room, one on each wall): free
  2. Added a battery-operated light to the closet: $13
  3. Painted ceiling, walls and trim: free, paint from previous projects
  4. Removed vinyl mini-blinds and installed two curtains, including a roman shade lined with blackout fabric: ~$75 for both layers, including curtain rods.
  5. Installed shelves, closet rods and hooks: $35
  6. Spray-painted heat registers: free, paint from previous project
  7. Installed a door stop: $3
  8. Removed the ceiling fan and replaced it with a boob light: free
  9. Replaced all the outlets/switches and covers with white ones: $5
                                                                           Total Cost: ~ $131

Work still needed:

  1. Install smoke detector done
  2. Add molding to and paint doors (satin white) or just replace the doors
  3. Hang art done
  4. Build/find/buy a side table
  5. (optional) build a headboard
  6. Bring in the dresser from our room (originally in downstairs guest room)
  7. (optional) Find a better rug
  8. Find an oscillating fan that looks nicer.
  9. Add hooks or full length mirror to inside of closet door


  1. It looks so much better, much brighter! The trim really pops now, I like the color on the wall. Small things like new outlet covers can make such a difference.