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March 2, 2012

Recipe review: Life cleanse salad (aka asian-style coleslaw)

In order to meet health and happiness goal #4, I've been making some serious tweaks to the diet. Which is why you're seeking less meal-planning posts. But I digress.

The plan was to make this salad, from Fixing it Fancy:

The salad was about what I expected: a nutritious, asian-style coleslaw. To be honest, I would have preferred more peanut flavor, which would not have been diet-friendly. I also found that I had to double the vinegar content to get the acidity that I wanted. Another sub I did make was to use a fresh orange (segments and juice) instead of the canned segments. Next time I will just omit the peanut butter and up the soy sauce to compensate. I'm thinking using a sesame oil blend will be more flavorful for equal or lesser calories (the original recipe uses water instead of oil).

For the rest of this post I will wax on about this guy:

Let me start off by saying that I like tofu to start with. As a dessert with some canned fruit (cocktail mix in syrup, nom nom), in soup or stir fries or even just sneaking a bite or two during dinner prep.

But this is my new favorite: roasted, marinated tofu. Cut into cubes and drain well on a stack of paper towels. Marinate the tofu at least one hour (room temp is okay). Then roast at 400F 30-45 min on a greased baking sheet, being sure to turn 1-2 times to prevent burning. Note that I baked mine to a higher level of caramelization than the original recipe suggested.

Easy peasy.

If you like thick-cut fries, this is for you. The outsides get crunchy and the middle is creamy, all with a hint of the marinade to eliminate the beany flavor that a lot of people dislike about tofu. To up the amount of crunch in each bite, simply cube the tofu into smaller pieces. My favorites were the pieces 1/2" or less on edge, but that would be very tedious to flip.

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