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April 24, 2012

30-while- 30: 3-month update

Wow - a quarter of the goal time has passed! The question is: have a quarter of the goals been completed??

Health and Happiness

Exercise 3x/week regularly

This month I've been especially bad. What I've really failed at is logging in daily activities and calories. I found that the tracking tools at work nicely [Ok, the reports stink] in the sense that everything is easily accessible on all my web-enabled devices (ipod touch, desktop, laptop), its free and the food database is very good. As you can see, my logging in days are pretty sporadic of late (the points are weigh-ins).

Run a 5K

Before taking the training break, I had worked thru week 3 of the NHS C25K podcast program on an indoor track. What I really need to do is transition to outdoor running and get a good feel for what the ratio of indoor miles:outdoor miles is in order to exert the same effort. This is still true

Blog regularly

Last month blogger said I had 5 subscribers. This month is seven!! welcome new readers [-:

Lose 30#

In the last month I lost about 2 lbs for a total of -16.4 from original. Obviously if I get back on the bandwagon of exercising 3x/week that progress (the line slope in the plot) will be steeper. Did I mention I like visuals? In the plot I've drawn a dotted line showing the ideal weight-loss slope (-1.5 lbs per week). Blue indicates the period I was gardening a lot, red when I was really good about hitting the gym. And the last trailing dot is now. boo!

Learn to use my dSLR

This month I started using the Manual mode on my camera. In addition to custom white balance, I've been using the metering sensor inside the camera to adjust aperture and shutter speed. 

Do two social activities a week

While I still haven't found a new "routine" social outlet, this time of year is super-active for the academic scene. I've been going to journal club dinner sessions and seminars that promote networking as part of activities.

Visit another country

This one is still in the planning stages. But budget is set/saved. Wahoo! T -12 months

Make 2 quilts
Still hand-quilting #1. #2 is totally planned, in my head (and uses far more machine sewing) 

#3 got started unexpectedly when I was cleaning out my sewing area - specifically the scrap pile. Now, since I don't sew crazy volumes my scrap pile was actually pretty small. But I also don't like throwing items away, it seemed like making a few scrappy strips blocks would be a good way to use 'em up while keeping things neat. Here was my inspiration pic:

Can you believe I was able to make 10 blocks?? Awesome.

Talk to Mom daily 2X per week

My mom got a job!!! Congrats!

Go to a concert
The summer free concerts start up around here in June. Can't wait! (Is anyone else jonesing for farmer's markets? The ones in my city don't open until May, boo-hoo.)

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