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April 5, 2012

30-while-30: Month 2 - Academics

Go to 2 conferences each in Summer and Fall semesters 
I just got back from the lovely NMBIST Symposium last week, where I experienced some pretty awesome interaction with fellow students I travelled/presented with and got to practice my conference skills.

I will be presenting at a local (on campus) conference on April 19.

I have apps in progress for conferences in May, June, and October.

Write 3 papers for Journal (not conference) submissions 
I really have no idea where/when this is happening. Really, 3 journal submissions??
We have one in the works, but it's stagnating due to the conference schedule.

Pass prelims!
Gah! My PI is pushing me in so many areas right now that when I asked her to clarify timeline she pushed this back a semester. Grrr!

Present 2x to the working group 
I think the poster I'm doing for the local event would be good for the second working group presentation this semester

Go to one dept networking event monthly
In February I went to three speaker events: lunch with speaker, pre- and post- analysis of the presentation. Since those all included food, I'm counting it as networking.

In March, all the dinners at the NMBIST symposium were networking. That was two distinct opportunities to talk shop plus an open-bar poster session.

Work on thesis daily
This is a bit harder to quantify. I do stuff every day that I know incrementally adds to my body of work, but the delayed gratification makes it difficult to evaluate any success.

Create an academic web presence
The site and structure are there; I do need content. Part of the concern is to avoid putting anything up that looks stupid or completely unrefined. The whole purpose is to "sell oneself", not "get scooped while looking incompetent". However, modern social media also demands that one appear relavent, and responsive with a high degree of flexibility.

The following have not been started:

  • Write a program that calls C code from within R
  • Apply for graduation (gulp!)
  • Push a package to CRAN

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