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May 26, 2012

A new sewing machine cover

In an attempt to work thru all the fabric left over from the guest bedroom curtains, I made this sewing machine cover.

I have to confess, for the past year+, my poor sewing machine has sat under the [ugly] vinyl cover that came in the box. You know, the one that has a hole in the top for the machine's handle? That hole which lets dust in? [dust cover FAIL]

Well, when T announce that we were expecting company for Memorial Day, I had to spruce up the place a bit. Part of  that meant making my craft area look a little more presentable - the sewing machine is right behind the couch, better for TV watching!

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  1. Cute! Again, I love the fabric. And what a nice idea for a project. My sewing machine could use a pretty cover too!