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May 10, 2012

Now why didn't I do that earlier?

How do you read your posts? I'm a big fan of gReader; which means a lot of the pretty aspects of a blog get stripped away.  Of course this means that *I* don't pay as much attention to the interface of this blog, which means *you* suffer. Finally I decided to make a banner. See?

Nothing fancy - just four pics to capture different aspects of the blog (sewing, cooking, diy and personal stuff). I have to say, I'm really enjoying the college options in Picasa - very very easy to use. 

While I was playing around, I also made some collages for the new about me page

I also updated the "project house" page. It will always be a work in progress....

Probably the most dramatic changes have been to site navigation. Now there new connectivity tools for FB, Google+, Twitter, email subscription and to follow the picasa album associated with this blog. Well, first I had to make the FB and G+ sites.... Also the tabbed navigation is aligned more closely with the blog's big categories: house, food, and decor (sewing).

All of this adds up to a new look for Random Musings; if you're reading by RSS please stop by for a visit!

P.S. Since Google Friend Connect is no longer being supported, please link up via G+ or FB as an alternative.

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