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May 5, 2012

organizing the workbench

So I thought I'd give y'all a tour of the workbench I built several weeks ago...


Safety first! A heavy workbench with a low center of gravity keeps you safe by handling any kickback from whatever you're cutting easily. I had a couple scary moments when using a sawhorse setup where the kickback knocked the legs out! Then you're dealing with a recalcitrant electric tool *and* stuff falling all over the place =/ A sturdy base also keeps the bench from moving during any cuts for a smoother final product. I find that I'm more willing to use safety gear if it's clean and close at hand

I built the workbench to have a 2" lip on all sides. Sooo useful in clamping projects down!

In addition to providing storage space (off the damp concrete floor), the cross brace structure provides a nifty spot for extra pieces of wood

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