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May 8, 2012

Small projects sew along

AmandaJean, over at crazymomquilts is an amaaaaazing quilter.  You know one of those types where you wonder "who has time for all that??!" *and* she seems pretty nice too. we've never actually met, I'm just a huge fan. that's not weird, right? right? okie-dokey then. Seriously, go check out her photostream - awesome, right?

So when the chance to join up for a month-long project to get.stuff.done I was totally on board. Then I forgot. Then Jessica another amazing quilter who I'm a huge fan of blogged about her participation, which is kicking me into gear --  it's not too late!

My projects:
  1. Sewing machine cover
  2. Pin cushion
  3. Placemats or coasters
  4. Fabric boxes

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