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June 23, 2012

Auto vs Manual

These two pics were recently taken with the same camera at approximately the same time of day. 

The big difference on my part?
  1. Use custom white balance
  2. Use the manual setting. On my camera this isn't too intimidating: I first select an iso, then I let the camera's exposure meter tell me what aperture(f-stop) is correct. I left the shutter speed to whatever it was set to. Perhaps not the "best" approach, but I'm happy with the improvement so far!
  3. Things to work on: balancing the effects of shutter speed and f-stop. I'm guessing this will be a lifelong process...

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  1. Yes, isn't it amazing what a difference a custom white balance will make! If anything, I think that's the one thing people should focus on learning since it can make such a massive difference, especially in darker settings. In terms of the f-stop, I usually just keep it at the lowest setting (and use AV). It's rather convenient that way, and unless you're in really bright lighting, it almost always turns out good. But I agree, to balance the shutter and the f-stop is a constant learning process!