random musings

July 17, 2012

That old-time rock 'n roll

At the beginning of this year, I announced some goals for while I'm 30.

Two weeks ago, we knocked another one off the list.

10. Go to a concert   done!

We went to a local free summer series (yeah, I'm cheap like that) and heard/saw Mr Baber's Neighbors perform. They're a local bluegrass group that record on an indie label. I've got my eye on next week's performers, Four Mile Creek, too. Fingers crossed the weekend doesn't get too crazy!

To be honest, I was a little nervous taking T along. He's not really into country music - frankly, neither of us are - and I had visions of being at a concert that was more country than bluegrass, hot/sweaty, bored and too embarrassed to walk out. I shouldn't have worried. The schoolyard was a lovely venue with lots of (pretty well-behaved) children and dogs running about. We brought camp chairs and drinks. Besides music, Mr Baber's front man kept up a steady stream of groaners and some informative tidbits regarding song origins.

But I think the best part was getting to enjoy the moment. For that hour+, there was no place else to be, deadlines or dishes waiting for wash-up.  And while it wasn't fancy, it was absolutely lovely.


  1. That sounds SO nice! I'm turning 29 next month... I need to make a list like this!